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We welcome opportunities to partner with like-minded organisations

PerformanceSoft Partnership Program

We work with a number of partners to ensure as many organisations can benefit from PerformanceSoft as possible, and are always happy to hear from potential partners who share our vision of delivering genuinely valuable and powerful strategy execution and performance improvement software to an audience who can truly benefit from it.

Our partners are critical to the Performancesoft success, and we take great care in selecting the most suitable companies to work with across specific vertical markets and regions. Current partners include household names such as IBM, Fujitsu, EMC, Avaya and Infor, as well as specialist providers. As we've built PerformanceSoft from scratch rather than licensing existing software, we have a great deal of flexibility in the way that we work with our partners and can develop bespoke partnership packages if required.

We welcome conversations with potential partners so we can understand what has attracted you to PerformanceSoft, how you could benefit from partnering with us, and the type of relationship that might work best for both parties. Some partners wish to simply refer opportunities to us whilst others choose to take on a more active role, perhaps delivering first line support and implementation services themselves. Partner margins reflect the level of involvement in the sales process and subsequent implementation and support. 

What kind of partners are we looking for?

Technology Partners

Our technology partners offer hardware or software that integrates well with PerformanceSoft products. Technology partners may also act as referral partners.


Our OEM partners take PerformanceSoft or a single component and reuse or incorporate it into a new product with its own brand name. OEM partners are usually large technology companies.

Professional Services Firms

We partner with professional services firm such as IT consultants, who offer PerformanceSoft to their clients as part of a wider service package (e.g. cloud services or application development).

Systems Integrators

Systems integrator partners combine PerformanceSoft with products from other vendors to offer one complete solution to their clients. They may also be VARs or Referral Partners.


Our distributor partners purchase PerformanceSoft software and resell to ISVs, VARs, and in some cases, end users. They may also provide Tier 1 support.

Referral Partners

Our referral partners are generally companies operating in a complementary field to us, who recommend PerformanceSoft software in exchange for a referral fee.

Independent Software Vendors

Independent software vendors, or ISV partners, make and sell their own software and uses embedded or bundled PerformanceSoft Software as enabling technology.

Value-added Resellers

Our VAR partners resell PerformanceSoft products to their end users. The value they add may be in the form of support, extensions, integrations, geographic proximity, or a complete IT solution.

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