Your complete performance mangement system

Enabling the visualisation, evaluation, and reporting of strategic and operational performance

What does PerformanceSoft do?

Performance Appraisals

Maintain the strategic focus of your workforce by linking individual performance to overall strategy, with clear reporting, goals, training, and incentives.

Monitor and Mitigate Risks

Monitor the impact of risks on your organisation’s goals and objectives, and track and evaluate the effectiveness of your risk mitigation activities.

Strategic Initiatives

Drive performance by linking initiatives, projects, and activities to strategy, then creating actionable tasks that have a measurable impact.

Performance Reporting

Real-time collection, analysis, and presentation of performance information makes it easy to respond to issues or opportunities as they arise.

KPIs and Dashboards

PerformanceSoft features stunning dashboards and crystal clear visualisations so you can swiftly view and interpret the metrics that matter to you.

Balanced Scorecards

PerformanceSoft integrates the balanced scorecard methodology to measure and manage performance, and implement sustainable change.

Want to boost your performance and hit your business goals?

For CEOs and Directors

PerformanceSoft gives you the tools you need to achieve your business goals faster, linking strategy to operational aims in order to improve performance at a company-wide level. Being able to track and monitor your strategic objectives and initiatives in real-time allows even large, globally-distributed organisations to take an efficient, agile approach. Our software can:

Improve organisational performance potential
Increase operational effectiveness
Reduce operational cost
Mitigate strategic risk

For HR Leaders

Instead of conducting ineffective annual reviews, PerformanceSoft makes it easy to keep on top of employee performance and capacity on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Through improved feedback mechanisms, individuals and their managers gain a better understanding of their strengths and areas for development, leading to a more productive and engaged workforce. PerformanceSoft can:

Increase employee productivity
Boost engagement and motivation
Improve employee accountability
Ensure goal alignment

The PerformanceSoft difference

We believe performance management means more than adding a strategy execution or performance management module on top of an ERP system. Your business is defined by your strategy. All aspects of performance management, such as quality, processes, projects, programs, risks, planning, and budgeting derive from strategy.

Therefore, your performance management solution should offer a comprehensive overview of your performance that reaches into all functional areas and all organisational levels. That's exactly what we've designed PerformanceSoft to achieve.

Unlike other, rigid performance mangement tools, we've built our platform with the real world in mind - where not all information fits neatly into structured hirearcies. We've ensured that PerformanceSoft is flexible enough to handle even the most complicated, globally-spread company, so you get a complete picture of what's happening in your organisation.

PerformanceSoft: the complete performance management system

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