Strategy Execution & Balanced Scorecard Master Class


A world-class research-based practical course for managers in the private sector, governments, municipalities, councils, NGOs and other public sector institutions

Covering the best practice in performance contracts, results-based management, balanced scorecard, and automation & dashboards

You can now shift focus from measuring to improving performance!

Join us to stay at the forefront of the performance improvement field.

About the course

Citizens of the world are increasingly demanding that their governments demonstrate results.

The introduction of performance management as a reform output was in response to increasing calls for governments to improve accountability and demonstrate value for money.

It was also a response to the challenge faced by public sector organisations in instilling true systemic accountability. A tried and tested saying by management guru, Tom Peters, that holds true today is that “what gets measured, gets done!”

Performance measurement has been extended to include the performance management of individual civil and public servants through the implementation of performance contracts and results-based management as well as methods such as the balanced scorecard.

In our experience, local government or councils are in dire need of improved service delivery. This input will provide a valuable insight on how performance management systems, as a tool for service delivery improvement, can inject new efficiencies and effectiveness in local government service delivery interventions.

Our performance management strategies entail a shift from traditional procedural approaches to a more result-oriented culture where priority is afforded to outcomes of public policies. We shall present global case studies to help delegates understand to what extent, if at all, performance management interventions have improved the quality of services delivered to citizens.

Module 1

Developing Balanced Scorecards
5–6 June 2018



Module 2

Implementing Balanced Scorecards
4th–5th July 2018

Bold. Mind Blowing. Game Changing.

This new master class is a “must attend.”

Presenting the skills you will need to practice performance management in future.

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In partnership with Balanced Scorecard Institute EMEA

Course objectives

Performance management has been touted as one of the means to boost service delivery and impact the lives of results-starved citizens.

In recognition of the increasing demand for quality and efficient services, the Strategy Execution & Balanced Scorecard Master Class presents a platform for participants to interrogate and assess the value that strategy execution & performance management brings to the quest for improved service delivery.

This master class will delve into and discuss the service improvement component of strategy execution with a view to providing a conduit pipe for replication of winning formulae whilst highlighting pitfalls to be marked for avoidance.

To realise this broad objective, the master class will:

  1. Discuss with a view to clarifying key conceptual and theoretical definitions pertaining to strategy execution, performance management, performance measurement, performance contracts, performance monitoring and evaluation and improved service delivery.
  2. Identify and evaluate the efficacy of strategy execution & performance improvement systems in relation to government mandate to render quality and efficient services to populations.
  3. Share and exchange information and experiences on the implementation of performance improvement systems across various continental administrative jurisdictions.
  4. Identify and recommend appropriate means and policy options for optimising and making performance management a key driver of reform in the public sector.
  5. Identify and highlight key constraints and challenges that impede the effective application of performance management as a veritable tool to achieving the ultimate goal of improved services to populations.

Who is this course for?

The following groups of people will benefit from attending this course:

  • CEOs and MDs of Private & Public Sector Organisations
  • Permanent Secretaries
  • Heads of Departments
  • Heads of Local Authorities, Municipalities and Councils
  • Officers in charge of Performance Improvement, Performance Contracting
  • Civic leaders from NGOs and Civil Society organisations

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