Our Story

PerformanceSoft has helped companies around the world achieve their goals

Performance management specialists

Originally founded in 1993, PerformanceSoft is the clear leader in strategy execution and performance improvement software, with the richest, most intuitive and easiest to use product, with a proven record of delivering business outcomes.

At Performancesoft, we focus only on strategy execution and performance improvement. As this is all that we do, our efforts and investment are exclusively directed to ensure that we have the leading end-to-end solution, with both the implementation support and software you need.

We can state with confidence that Performancesoft's combination of practical expertise, state of the art software and unparalleled customer support is unlike that of any other organisation offering performance management solutions in the market today. With offices in the US, Canada and Europe and an international network of business partners, we offer truly global coverage.


Our Mission

PerformanceSoft's mission is to improve our customers' business outcomes through a technology-enabled strategy execution and performance improvement system. We shall help customers increase employee productivity, improve operational effectiveness, save costs, enhance customer service delivery, and achieve breakthrough results.

Our Vision
To develop the most valuable strategy execution and performance improvement software that is easy to use and with powerful capabilities. We will achieve this by using proven, tested frameworks such as the balanced scorecard.
Our Purpose
To use innovative technology to help our customers address their most challenging and complex strategy execution and performance improvement issues.

Leadership team

Driven by a team of performance management specialists, PerformanceSoft delivers customer value by leveraging years of practical experience and customer-driven development, operating in the role of a performance management and strategy execution partner.

What do our clients think about PerformanceSoft?

“PerformanceSoft is simple to use yet powerful in its capabilities. We selected PerformanceSoft because they have a proven software and they have a track record of providing excellent user support. We invested in this system to improve the way we do business, to help us continuously improve to keep costs down and deliver value to our customers.”

Peter Sakai Chief, Office of Performance Excellence, Santa Clara Valley Water District

“The integration of an automated performance management and reporting application, PerformanceSoft, has increased the visibility that we are experiencing around the intangibles, the knowledge, the idea generation and helping that differentiate what we do.”

Michael Collins McCord Travel Management

“You don’t have to wait for the next meeting to be informed. Management meetings focus only on the real issues. We expect to save $5m a year from administration costs alone by replacing spreadsheet managed performance reporting with PerformanceSoft.”

Peter Geelen CIO Philips Corporate Control

“PerformanceSoft is a powerful, easy-to-use solution for cultivating a high-performance workforce that is completely aligned with our organisation’s goals and priorities.”

Sharon Zwizwai Human Resources Director, Kingdom Bank

“The Performancesoft cloud-based performance management software is an excellent visual tool that helps our managers give employees the direction, feedback and development they need to excel.”

Raymond Mushonga HR, CAPS Pharmaceuticals

“PerformanceSoft is simple to use and allows us to visually see performance ahead of staff appraisals, which are now more effective. This would greatly benefit any organisation.”

Simon van Niekerk Re Teng Business Enterprises

“Thanks to PerformanceSoft, we now have a clear line of sight between KPIs and action plans with detailed drill-downs that have enabled effective reviews and decision making.”

James Stevens HR Director, Capitec

“PerformanceSoft allows us to visually see the links between our objectives, measures, and initiatives. We used a variation of the Kaplan and Norton scorecard, PerformanceSoft easily handled that for us.”

Suchiro Chakraborthy Strategy Head, Juno Investing

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